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Confident Driving Instruction conducts the State Knowledge Exam to get your permit and the State Driving Skills Exam to get your license. State Knowledge Exam  starting at $25 per attempt and FREE for our students. You can find links to the online practice test here. The State Driving Skills Exam is $40 with your own vehicle or for $55 we can provide you with one of our Confident Driving vehicles for the test. You must have either a valid Washington State Learner’s Permit, a valid international driver’s license, or an official Temporary Authorization form; to take the State Skills Exam.

*You may use your own vehicle to test if the vehicle is in proper working condition that includes: brake and signal lights, seat belts, wipers, heater and defrosting system, a windshield with no chips or cracks in the line of vision, good tires, license plates on the front and back with current tabs, and a valid insurance card.

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Whether you need to work on a specific skill, get your first license, or retain/renew your license, we can help!